Instructor Certification Program (ICP)

Our goal is to Provide our Martial Arts instructor trainees with the ability to teach realistic, practical and effective martial arts and personal safety skills, techniques, and strategies is our highest priority.  With the empowered training we offer – our program delivers the greatest martial arts training value for instructors in the shortest possible time.

In many martial arts schools, once a student gets to a certain rank, they are thrown into teaching roles. This is not the case with the American Self-Defense Association. We understand that the best student in the world may not be a good teacher—especially without proper training.

The ASDA ICP program is designed to take a martial artist from student to instructor and endow him or her with many valuable life skills in the process. Not only does our program teach a deeper understanding of the martial arts a student is studying, but it focuses on how to teach, different learning styles, communicating, identifying and working with special needs, public speaking, leadership, how to inspire and motivate others and much more. These skills are invaluable to the ICP members' life whether he or she makes teaching a career or not.

The ASDA ICP consists of three areas of certification:

•        Certified Martial Instructor (CMI) – This level of certification prepares the student with a full portfolio of the skills and martial arts etiquette need to be successful in the martial arts industry. The requirements of the student obtaining this certification is to have at least a (1) degree black belt a martial art system and be at least 18 years or older. 

•        Senior Certified Martial Instructor (SCMI) – Prepares the student for teach in and outside to training hall, studio or dojo.  The students that pursues this level of instructor certification will be capable of instructing in social institution such as law enforcement, security companies, prison correction personnel, military personnel and more.  The requirements of the student obtaining this certification is to have a fourth (4) degree black belt or higher in the martial arts.  Also, student should have at least a high school diploma (college credits is even better.) 

•        Certified Master of Masters Instructor (CMOM) – At this level, the student that pursues this level of certification is preparing to train other Masters or Grandmasters in the martial arts.  This Level of certification is equivalent to an eight (8) degree black belt.  The requirements of the student obtaining this certification is to have a six (6) degree black belt or higher in one martial art and a basic understanding of a second martial.  Also, student should have at least a high school diploma (college credits is even better.)   


A high percentage of universities and colleges now offer certificate/degree programs over the web. ASDA’s online certification programs are similar to college distance learning programs. The study guides and exams are online so there is no actual class work or costly requirements to attend training.  The total estimated time to complete the exam is forty to fifty hours.  When you finish the required exam, simply e-mail or mail it back and it will be corrected quickly.  You will then be notified by e-mail with your score and your official certificate and letter of recommendation will be sent to you via e-mail.  Upon graduation, your name and e-mail address will be listed under the Certified Instructors page (with optional information included if requested).

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