ASDA's Martial Arts Degree Program

The American Self-Defense Association (ASDA) degree program for higher learning in the Martial Arts and Sciences is a new concept in martial arts, we are striving toward a more Professional and Academic future for our art form. An officially recognized professional organization, the ASDA was formed by a group of high ranking accomplished martial arts instructors, who are also educators, researchers and academics. Together they make up our Faculty. All faculty, members and students are working towards a set of common goals and objectives; our mission statement below provides the ASDA’s purpose for existing:

  1. Encourage Education and Research in the Martial Sciences

  2. Promote professionalism throughout the Martial Sciences

  3. Afford Martial Artists the opportunity of obtaining recognized and accredited qualifications and certification

  4. Act as a platform to all those in the martial sciences to encourage an intra and inter understanding of the martial arts and sciences

Who is ASDA’s Degree Program designed for?


The American Self-Defense (ASDA) Degree Program is for those students who are on a quest to become scholarly in the Martial Science.  This program is ideal for those who plan to work in the martial arts industry as a Consultant of martial sciences, a Master of Masters martial arts instructor, and design training programs for law enforcement, correction, and military personnel just to mention a few examples of potential.  The programs offered by ASDA are “Bachelor of Academic Martial Arts (BA)”, “Masters in Martial Science (MMS)” and a “Doctorate of Philosophy in the Martial Sciences (PhDms)”.  Below you will find further information about each program.

How does this Degree Program differ from traditional degree programs?


ASDA’s Board of Directors grants degrees in Martial Science under its own authority and develop its own accreditation system and curriculum. The degrees are based upon requirements established by the Board of Directors in conjunction with faculty. Our Degree Programs, which offer Bachelors, Master and Doctorate degrees are not to be confused with traditional academic degrees. They are awarded to show professional achievements and status within the martial arts community.


What do I need to get started?

To qualify for ASDA’s degree program, all you need is to have earned a Black Belt or equivalent from a creditable martial arts institution or instructor.

Candidates of our program will earn these degrees the through process of extensive, independent research associated with the degree level.  These candidates will be closely supervised and supported as much as possible, but the majority of their work will be carried out in their own time.

The ASDA Board of Directors will only award such qualifications based upon the depth, detail and extent of a submitted thesis, which will be examined by three separate members of faculty. Candidates must also pass an (oral exam) wherein a faculty member will ask them several questions regarding their work which must be answered to the satisfaction of all parties.

What about my past professional and academic experiences?

All of past training, education, qualifications and experience in and out of the martial sciences will be taken into account. This can lead to a student/candidate being excused certain modules as they would already have fulfilled these requirements to the required standard. However, it should be noted proof will be required, and all certificates/references will be stringently checked in line with our robust quality assurance process in order to safeguard ASDA’s academic integrity. Consequently, there is a charge for this service.

So, whether you are looking to learn something new, increasing your existing knowledge, a stepping stone to further education or even higher education… whatever your reasons ASDA offer a variety of flexible courses aimed specifically at the Martial Artists. We offer you the freedom to study in your own time and flexibility to suit all lifestyles.

Our aim is to help you to find a course that will help you to develop as a Martial Artist / Student / Instructor and achieve your goals and ambitions gaining the recognition and status you deserve.