Post Black Belt Rank (PBBR) Certification




  1.    It provides third party recognition of your knowledge and skills - nothing adds more                          credibility to your achievements than professional recognition.

  2.    It demonstrates your commitment to your martial arts profession.

  3.    It validates your martial arts training by meeting nationally recognized standards.

  4.    It confirms your competence.

  5.    It reflects your achievements.

  6.    It builds your self-esteem.

  7.    It documents your experience and credentials.

  8.    It improves your career opportunities and advancement.

  9.    It provides you greater professional recognition from your peers.

  10.   It helps to give you a competitive edge.

If you are serious about the Martial Arts, train in mixed martial arts, or a traditionalist looking to firm-up your skills, law enforcement defensive tactics (DT), military (combative) practitioner, you can earn the rank or certification that you deserve and be promoted based upon what you know, your length of experience and the accumulative time you have spent training-"WITHOUT THE POLITICS FOUND IN MOST MARTIAL ART ORGANIZATIONS".  New members can register at their current rank or at the next higher rank if eligible.  Advancement in ASDA is based on Time in Grade, Seminars and On Site Evaluation of Candidate(s).


Through ASDAs standardized rank accreditation and advancement programs, members from different schools and those who practice different martial arts systems can receive the same level of professional recognition and certification.


The ASDA accreditation program is designed for martial artists who believe in knowledge and proper martial arts education and etiquette. Our remote training methods includes total access to our large online library and seminars offered.  Our accreditation -certification program are structured to give the martial artist the best guidelines for developing their skills in areas such as:

a.   Combative s (Modern Combative Solutions Jujitsu):

b.   The Study of Practical Martial Sciences Philosophies                         

c.   Advanced Self-Defense grappling, (''not ceremonial           Jujitsu that only works with a cooperating partner")

d.   Traditional and Non-Traditional Martial Art                     Weapons (including the real application usage of               edged weapons and firearms).

e.   Practical and technical usage kicking in self-defense.

f.    Street Fighting Psychology 

g.   Philosophies on violent confrontation management

h.   Understanding the Psychology of life & death                     confrontation  

ii.   Improve Instructor Communication skills

j.    Understanding classroom management theories,

k.   Understanding Computerized Systems Designed               Especially For Martial Arts Businesses

l.    Organizational strategies for business expansion

m.  And much more

The ASDA curriculum is designed to help the martial artist, not only advance him or herself, but also to keep track of their training progression and to motivate them along their martial arts journey.  It also makes each student a fighter and a teacher.  It is filled with realistic, usable concepts of the martial sciences selected for their simplicity and effectiveness instead of flashy sport martial art techniques that only work with a cooperative training partner, or in the presence of a tournament judge.  Each and every concept in this curriculum has proven to be effective against opponents who were resisting 100%.  In other words, “they are all realistic”.


ASDAs curriculum is not designed to see how many techniques can be jammed into requirements.  Instead, it gives the member several simple options no matter what range of combat or position they may be in.  What is outlined here is not intended to be a complete list of all the concepts and techniques; no such list exists.  This is just a guide and a minimum requirement, to which the member will undoubtedly add much.  It contains "the basics" from every range of combat and position that every advanced martial artist should know. 


Required concepts in the ASDA curriculum have been passed down through many of the top martial artists the world has ever known and from many systems of combat. 


In ASDA's Post Black Belt accreditation program, there are 10 ranking levels with accompanying general requirements at each level.

Each level builds upon these following basic building blocks that in time will flow together to comprise any given level of rank.  The building blocks below, in addition to others will be the material focus of ASDA seminars:


-  Self-Defense Concepts and Psychology of Fighting Strategies

       •Situational Defensive

       •Offensive Attacking

       •Defusing Confrontation

-  Understanding the Different Ranges of Combat

       •Close Quarter Combat Range

       •Intermediate Combat Range

       •Distance Combat Range

       •Grappling Combat Range

       •Invisible Combat Range

-  Drills and Exercises

       •Kicking Techniques and Drills

       •Punching Techniques and Drills

       •High Impact Striking

-  System of Wrap Throws

-  Cinching Releases

-  Street fighting Take-downs

-  Ground Defense

-  Submissions Holds and Releases

-  Defense against Blunt Weapons

-  Use on Non-Traditional Martial Arts Weapons

-  Sharp Edge Instruments Usage and Responses (e.g. knife, glass etc.)

-  Common Sense Responses to Firearms

-  Use of Weapons Including Firearms (Optional)

-  Understanding Pressure Points and Nerve Ending.

-  The Study of the Science behind All Martial Arts Techniques

-  And More......


Additional requirements may include mock attacks involving multiple attackers and/or grappling in any given range of self-defense combat depending on the student’s needs. This will ensure that the attributes of the student (such as: cardiovascular conditioning, speed, strength, timing, etc) are improving along with his or her ability to perform each technique against 100% resistance.  The ASDA curriculum is not designed to feed the egos of its members by just teaching them lots of techniques that can never be performed with success in a real fight, but instead to help its members understand all ranges of combat in a real fight and knowledge to effectively close on them.


ASDAs PBBR program exists not only to help its members to track their progress and motivate them to achieve higher levels, but also to ensure them that they aren't fooling themselves about what really works in a real fight.  By learning these combat proven techniques in every range of combat, drilling them into muscle memory, and testing them against resisting opponents in their training, they are really putting the "martial" back in the martial arts.  This is the missing ingredient of many "martial" arts schools that have never known what combat is really all about.


Students interested in joining the ASDA program must simply prove that they are at a given level by satisfying our standard requirements.  There is no rank testing fees, other than paying whatever the periodic charges are for Dues, certificates and belts.  A student can test for a particular level four times a year. When a student can satisfy all of the requirements for a given PBBR, they are awarded that rank. They are then authorized to wear the appropriate belt rank when and if they wear a martial arts belt.  In ASDA, getting rank is as simple as black and white; members see exactly what it takes to get each PBBR level and they will have to earn each level through their diligent study of the material and more importantly; their application of it in realistic training against resisting opponents. 


Enjoy the journey!!

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Dr. LeRoy Hines, JuDan

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