Why Join ASDA?


We are a "NO POLITICS" Association where rank is earned either by experience that you’ve already achieved in the martial arts, or through our unique “Distance Learning” program.   You don’t have to “teach class” or “clean latrines” to win the favor of some master or grandmaster to obtain belt rank.  You can be recognized for what you’ve done in the martial arts, not what you’ve done or doing for some else.  As I stated earlier, ASDA is TOTALLY FREE OF POLITICS.  All of ASDA promotions are based on world recognized standards of "Time in Grade". We currently serve members in 12 countries throughout the world and in nearly 37 states in the USA. 

All ASDA certifications are validated and approved by our Rank Review Board (RRB).  The RRB members are professional leaders within their own martial arts systems or styles. We are committed to quality martial arts instruction, training, and rank recognition and certification. Responsive, quality support for our members and their programs is our focus of effort.

ASDA is ideal for those Black Belts who training on their own and not certified under any other Black Belt instructor or organization.  Through ASDA’s Desistance Learning Program (DLP), they can continue their development in the martial sciences under the tutelage of a qualified master or grandmaster, while constantly being evaluated for black belt rank.


For instructors unaffiliated or affiliated with organizations that would like to become a certified instructor, ASDA offers three levels of certification in its “Instructor Certification Program (ICP)”, i.e. “Certified Instructor”, “Senior Instructor” and “Masters of Masters” Instructor.   All ICP members will receive advisory support in addition to the development and launching of a website for their school to support their marketing efforts.  ASDA will pay website fees for one year, afterwards, payment responsibly will be assumed by the ICP member.  

Below you will find a price list for some of the services offered by ASDA:

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Dr. LeRoy Hines, JuDan

ASDA Headquaters
Lithonia, Georgia


Tel: 877-819-0975

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